Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hyacinth contest

These little daffs have just popped out of the ground, cheery little things. We're waiting with bated breath for a hyacinth that should bloom in a few days. Additionally, we're placing bets on said hyacinth's color.

Will it be ...
a) white
b) blue
c) purple
d) pink
e) other (please specify)

If you're the gambling type, ante up. Winner shall have this hyacinth named in his/her honor. And a photo. And a permanent place in the front swathe of Chateau Acorn's garden.


  1. I think this hiancynth will be blue...Furball.

  2. You might alert Margo and Ari to expect an onslaught of Sharmas based on your gorgeous photos of land and food...xo

  3. Im in! White. Love the pics Kavi. Have a baguette for me. Besos.

  4. Hyacinths - purple, of course!