Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sad little thoroughfare, needs weeding

I'm consulting on an art intervention. What's that, you may ask? The house is the canvas; where art is the catalyst, the agent. Three artists, two from LA and one from Tijuana, Mexico are collaborating to beautify and connect a Highland Park neighborhood through art. The local commuter train runs right through the street, offering the perfect hostage audience to a neighborhood that could use a little artistic flourish. The first house for this ongoing project is in the works. We anticipate more to follow.

We've been preparing the house for the actual intervention. The landscaping is not the number one focus at this point; however, here was a patch that I cleared out.


Once the project comes to a concluding phase, we will most likely plant some shrubs and flowers. What we were able to salvage, for example--grandmother's rose bush and the Easter lilies--we did. The home owners have all been quite gracious and excited about having their home be the first on the block to represent an artistic intervention.

Watch this space for further updates....

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