Saturday, October 16, 2010

To market, to market ...

A little Farmer's market tucked away in Pimlico, London caught my eye... and I had to explore. A universal about Farmer's markets, I'm finding ... they're nearly always well-attended, and jowl-by-jowl jam-packed with stalls upon stalls of delights for all.

First order of business... greens! Wild Country Organics Co., a regular at this market, also sells to select grocery and specialty stores. I was invited into the stall to experience the "full-grazing" policy, heavily-enforced by the lovely and ever-enthusiastic, Nathan, the salesman.

I felt like the luckiest rabbit ever! He passed me rocket (quite a pungent variety); after that, mustard greens (just about soared through the roof); and then, to take the edge off, he shoved a fistful of "red fingers," (tasted like potatoes...yes, really!! see photo) in my hands. The zucchini blossoms, kale, bok choi, fresh water- and land- cress, and all manner of herbs were most impressive. I walked away from his booth cross-eyed, in a legume daze.

Before I knew it, I was faced with... cheese... my next best friend!!! The cheese man explained that all of the cheeses on display were local, artisanal varieties. The "Lancashire Bomb" caught my eye, in its black-encased sphere-iness. Apparently, once you bust through the casing, the cheese is particularly good for melting on potatoes or pairing with eggs. So much choice and what terrific names, especially the goat's cheese variety... "Little Wallop"...

There was the baker, the fishmongers, and plethora of local fare stalls specializing in Mediterranean, French, and Indian food. There was even a hog roasted on a spit, for those who might fancy some..

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