Saturday, December 11, 2010

Let the fish do the work...

Selfridges during holiday time is quite an amazing experience to stumble upon. The employees model everything from the latest in the latest in skivvies.

And then there are the demonstrations...the fake snow that doubles given a drink of water; the remote controlled helicopter; and the new wave of pedicure via hungry fish.


Garra Rufa, a form of carp, hail from Turkey. Although they have traditionally been used as fish therapy for patients with psoriasis, now anyone can have a pedicure...for a price (approximately $80 per half hour session). The customer simply slips his/her feet into the tank of fish, sits back and awaits exfoliation. There are approximately 100-150 fish per tank, according to the Aqua Sheko representative. The fish put their sucking action to practice on the customer's feet by gravitating toward problem skin areas and gently removing dead skin. The sensation supposedly feels like minor pin-pricks, or 'pins and needles'. From various responses, it sounds like some people swear by it, and others found it a novel but not life-changing experience. The trend has spread across Asia and is making its way across the UK. Apparently in the US, the practice has been shut down by various state health departments. Perhaps I'll have to try this ichthyotherapy someday...

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  1. At least you can see what's going on. Sitting on a surfboard or a fishing kayak, dangling your feet in the ocean you sometimes wonder if you might be attracting curious beasties.